International Business from Finland with Mark Wiltshear

Summer 2020 – ‘Meaningful’ Work and Support For Small Firms

August 16, 2020

Welcome to season 2 of the show. I didn’t exactly plan to publish in seasons but I realised it’s good to take a break, re-focus and start again, so I think I will probably publish seasons of 10 or so episodes then pause and then start again. So, this episode I wanted to take you back a couple of months and give you some insight into how I’ve experienced summer 2020...

People listening from outside may find it strange, but a four-week summer holiday is quite normal for workers in Finland and five or even six weeks is not unheard of. While this is undoubtedly nice for individuals, it does have an effect on business during the summer months. Everything sloooooowwwwws down.

Gradually and yet all at once, I found my calendar for June and July becoming more-and-more empty. I decided that if I cannot do any invoiceable work, I will focus on meaningful work that will have benefits at a later date.

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